Kids Love the W Kayak

This is an old photo I found today, showing my little bro and I back in the winter of 2003-2004, paddling (sort of) the first W Fishing Kayak (we used to call it the ‘W boat’) together in a small pond near the house we lived in, in West Newton, Massachusetts.


I was eight years old back then, and my brother, who was just five years old, is standing in the front clearly having a blast.

This was the first time our parents let us paddle together without one of them in the boat with us, and we had a ton of fun playing around on our own.

In the years that followed, our dad gave us opportunities to try and paddle traditional kayaks, but we refused because we thought they were  -for lack of a better word- crappy.
Once we tried a family friend’s sit-in kayak, but after just a few minutes we got tired of the discomfort and overall annoyance of the boats and gave up, denouncing traditional kayaks as (quote) ‘sucky’.

Eight years later we still stick by our childish description and it seems our dad agrees too.

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