N. Minnesota

Hello and welcome to my website.
My name is Jeff Mikkola, and I live in Mountain Iron, in northern Minnesota, not far from the Canadian border (western Ontario) and lake Superior.

I own a Wavewalk 700, and I love it. Its stability and tracking are amazing. I enjoy paddling it by myself and in tandem with my wife.
I’d be happy to show it people who are considering buying one.

My phone number is (218) 248-0237 and you can email me at jmikkola@fnbchisholm.com

As a demo agent I don’t sell kayaks, and I don’t take orders for them.
You can order a Wavewalk directly from the company, and they’ll ship it to your address.

More about the Wavewalk 700 ยป

Wavewalk 700 photos


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