Three Kids Squeeze in Wavewalk 500 Kayak with Grandpa for Tandem Fun

Neville Badcock, a native of Tasmania, an island near Australia, took his three grandkids out to paddle in the Southern Ocean, breaking the Wavewalk 500 fishing kayak record of most people on board!

Neville with his three grandkids paddling the W Kayak

Even with four people in the boat, there’s still plenty of leg room up front, and unlike a traditional kayak, the W Kayak shows no signs of instability even with this excessive load. The two brothers and their grandpa did most of the heavy lifting, all three of them paddling in tandem while their sister sat for a free ride.

Neville and his three grandkids paddling the W Kayak in tandem

With this historic South Ocean excursion, the W Kayak can now truly be called a double tandem craft! My brother [13] and I [16] can definitely vouch that the W is perfect for tandem kayaking, because we’ve been doing so for nearly a decade.

Stand Up Kayaking- A New Dimension of Fun for Kids and Teens

When the average teen thinks of kayaking and kayak fishing we all picture the same thing- either crazy people risking life and limb paddling through rapids and waterfalls or more predominantly a bunch of boring middle aged people sitting around in their kayaks cruising slowly down rivers and streams…

Brothers Kayak Standing Up in Tandem
Brothers [age 15 and 12] kayaking not only in tandem- but also both standing up!
However, a new kayak on the market seeks to change all that. The W Fishing Kayak, a super stable craft, brings a whole new dimension to kayaking that’s finally bringing a spark of fun to kayaking and kayak fishing. The reason this kayak is so much more fun than your parents’ traditional Sit-on-Top [SOT] kayaks and Sit-in kayaks [SIK] is because it allows the user to paddle standing up- an unheard of feature in these old school crafts.

“But what about Stand Up Paddle [SUP] boards?” you ask. Don’t they allow you to paddle standing up too? Although these trendy new-age surfboards do technically let you paddle standing up, they are a minefield of problems and hassle.

Stand up paddling on SUP boards can be fun… until you wipe out headfirst from even the smallest of waves and the slightest wind. After just a few minutes trying to use these contraptions, which are the epitome of instability, anyone except the most experienced surfer will find themselves bruised, exasperated, and soaked.

The W Kayak solves the problem of stable stand up kayaking handily- the dual hull design makes it possible for even the clumsiest person to do anything they want standing up: paddling, surfing, fishing; it’s all a no-brainer. This opens up endless possibilities for hours of fun on the water, and the ability to stand up and do tricks at whim is sure to excite any kid or teen who’s tired of the confinement of traditional kayaks.

This kid, just 12 years old, shows off his skills while at the same time demonstrating the incredible stability of the W Kayak. Stand up kayaking is no longer a fantasy… it’s a reality and a reservoir of potential fun just waiting to be explored by young kayakers.

Kayak Fishing a Blast

Jesse and his two young kids, a girl and a boy, have nothing but positive reviews for the W Fishing Kayak. This Texan family’s kayak fishing trips have yielded hours of fun and plenty of great pictures and videos:

Kids playing with their dad's fishing kayak, on the beach, Texas  Kids playing with their dad's fishing kayak, on the beach, Texas

Jesse’s kids posing with their family’s new W Kayak.

Boy and girl paddling with their dad in his fishing kayak, TX  Boy and girl fishing out of dad's kayak, Texas

Boy and girl fishing out of dad's kayak, Texas  Boy and girl fishing out of dad's kayak, Texas

Boy and girl fishing out of dad's kayak, Texas  Boy and girl paddling their dad's kayak, Texas

Clearly two very happy campers- fun abounds when fishing from the W Kayak.

Jesse even provided a great video of his kids having a blast in the kayak.

Overall, the W Kayak is fun for the whole family, even kids and teens, without the hassle or  boringness of traditional fishing kayaks. Read more about kids kayak fishing >

Kayaking in the Surf

Almost everyone can agree that going to the beach is fun; sun, waves, and golden sand make a perfect combination for summer enjoyment. The ocean provides an abundance of possibilities for fun activities: swimming, surfing, kayaking, etc. However, both surfing and kayaking in the ocean are activities that are potentially dangerous and unpleasant.

Surfing, or paddling on a ‘stand up paddle board’ [SUP board] both rely on a steady supply of good waves to ride for fun, otherwise you’re just gonna be sitting around bored out of your mind for hours on end. SUP boards are especially problematic because paddling them is an incredibly precarious endeavor- your center of gravity whilst paddling is much to high for the average person to keep their balance, especially if accosted by lateral or head-on waves. Ocean kayaking from traditional kayaks is also outlandish- one wave hits you and you can capsize easily, at best an inconvenience and worst a potentially life threatening danger.

Teens still love surfing and stand up paddling though because of the adrenaline rush of riding a wave to shore, and we flock to the beach every year to do so every year. One new craft, however, has recently emerged as a solution to all the old problems of wave riding: the W Fishing Kayak. The W Kayak allows anyone, even young kids, to surf on their own terms.

Above: two brothers [age 9 and 12] ride crazy waves.

The W Kayak is a kayak for the next generation- not only does it look cool, it outperforms surfboards, SUP boards, and traditional ocean kayaks in every regard. The superior design allows you to stay secure and stable even while crashing waves head on, confronting lateral waves, and riding big waves to shore. This is perfect for kids and teens who want to play in the surf but don’t want to deal with the hassle of waiting for big enough waves and worrying about face-planting in the water. Even in the rare occasion of capsize, flotation prevents water from entering the boat, and its lightweight enough that even a kid could drag it back to shore.

Kids Kayak SurfingMy brother and I [now 16 and 13] have been surfing with the W Kayak for years and its brought us endless fun. If you want to show off your skills and have hours of fun in the sun, the W Kayak is definitely the way to go.

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