Jesse’s Kids Go Out for Round Two

Back in July we featured an article about Jesse and his kids going out kayaking in the W fishing kayak and having an awesome time. Needless to say, they went out again, this time in their new home state of North Carolina, and Jesse made a cool video of their trip.

While the whole video is pretty amazing, we skipped to the good part where Jesse’s adorable son and daughter climb in and go out fishing with their dad. You can just tell by the grin on Jesse’s son’s face that he’s having a blast.

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Three Kids Squeeze in Wavewalk 500 Kayak with Grandpa for Tandem Fun

Neville Badcock, a native of Tasmania, an island near Australia, took his three grandkids out to paddle in the Southern Ocean, breaking the Wavewalk 500 fishing kayak record of most people on board!

Neville with his three grandkids paddling the W Kayak

Even with four people in the boat, there’s still plenty of leg room up front, and unlike a traditional kayak, the W Kayak shows no signs of instability even with this excessive load. The two brothers and their grandpa did most of the heavy lifting, all three of them paddling in tandem while their sister sat for a free ride.

Neville and his three grandkids paddling the W Kayak in tandem

With this historic South Ocean excursion, the W Kayak can now truly be called a double tandem craft! My brother [13] and I [16] can definitely vouch that the W is perfect for tandem kayaking, because we’ve been doing so for nearly a decade.

Teens Kayaking in Tandem

Fellow teens fear not- from now on you need not cringe when your parents tell you it’s time to go kayaking! The W Fishing Kayak makes this once tedious ordeal into loads of fun.

Here’s a video of Lorenzo and his two cousins having fun paddling their W Fishing Kayak in a nice canal near their home in Gouda, in the Netherlands.

Lorenzo and and his cousin, both in their teens, take their toddler passenger for a chill ride, and the W Kayak shows no strain supporting their combined weight.

Once they unload their young accompanier, the two have some real fun, paddling full steam ahead in tandem and then taking turns solo.

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Crazy Kids Seal Launching Down a Hill

If you had any doubt about the stability of the W Fishing Kayak… let this video serve as a demonstration of how truly awesome this boat is:

With traditional kayaks, seal launching is typically done from a height of just a few feet, because going too far will more than likely assure a capsize. Also, kids and teens, i.e. inexperienced kayakers, are discouraged from attempting to seal launch due to the propensity for capsize and injury that this technique has. In the W Kayak, even a nine year old kid is able to not only seal launch successfully over and over, but from a height of several yards up a steep slope. Although this isn’t necessarily recommended to the average W Kayaker, it’s clear that this intrepid kid is having the time of his life 🙂

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Kayak Fishing a Blast

Jesse and his two young kids, a girl and a boy, have nothing but positive reviews for the W Fishing Kayak. This Texan family’s kayak fishing trips have yielded hours of fun and plenty of great pictures and videos:

Kids playing with their dad's fishing kayak, on the beach, Texas  Kids playing with their dad's fishing kayak, on the beach, Texas

Jesse’s kids posing with their family’s new W Kayak.

Boy and girl paddling with their dad in his fishing kayak, TX  Boy and girl fishing out of dad's kayak, Texas

Boy and girl fishing out of dad's kayak, Texas  Boy and girl fishing out of dad's kayak, Texas

Boy and girl fishing out of dad's kayak, Texas  Boy and girl paddling their dad's kayak, Texas

Clearly two very happy campers- fun abounds when fishing from the W Kayak.

Jesse even provided a great video of his kids having a blast in the kayak.

Overall, the W Kayak is fun for the whole family, even kids and teens, without the hassle or  boringness of traditional fishing kayaks. Read more about kids kayak fishing >