Kayaking in the Surf

Almost everyone can agree that going to the beach is fun; sun, waves, and golden sand make a perfect combination for summer enjoyment. The ocean provides an abundance of possibilities for fun activities: swimming, surfing, kayaking, etc. However, both surfing and kayaking in the ocean are activities that are potentially dangerous and unpleasant.

Surfing, or paddling on a ‘stand up paddle board’ [SUP board] both rely on a steady supply of good waves to ride for fun, otherwise you’re just gonna be sitting around bored out of your mind for hours on end. SUP boards are especially problematic because paddling them is an incredibly precarious endeavor- your center of gravity whilst paddling is much to high for the average person to keep their balance, especially if accosted by lateral or head-on waves. Ocean kayaking from traditional kayaks is also outlandish- one wave hits you and you can capsize easily, at best an inconvenience and worst a potentially life threatening danger.

Teens still love surfing and stand up paddling though because of the adrenaline rush of riding a wave to shore, and we flock to the beach every year to do so every year. One new craft, however, has recently emerged as a solution to all the old problems of wave riding: the W Fishing Kayak. The W Kayak allows anyone, even young kids, to surf on their own terms.

Above: two brothers [age 9 and 12] ride crazy waves.

The W Kayak is a kayak for the next generation- not only does it look cool, it outperforms surfboards, SUP boards, and traditional ocean kayaks in every regard. The superior design allows you to stay secure and stable even while crashing waves head on, confronting lateral waves, and riding big waves to shore. This is perfect for kids and teens who want to play in the surf but don’t want to deal with the hassle of waiting for big enough waves and worrying about face-planting in the water. Even in the rare occasion of capsize, flotation prevents water from entering the boat, and its lightweight enough that even a kid could drag it back to shore.

Kids Kayak SurfingMy brother and I [now 16 and 13] have been surfing with the W Kayak for years and its brought us endless fun. If you want to show off your skills and have hours of fun in the sun, the W Kayak is definitely the way to go.

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