Jesse’s Kids Go Out for Round Two

Back in July we featured an article about Jesse and his kids going out kayaking in the W fishing kayak and having an awesome time. Needless to say, they went out again, this time in their new home state of North Carolina, and Jesse made a cool video of their trip.

While the whole video is pretty amazing, we skipped to the good part where Jesse’s adorable son and daughter climb in and go out fishing with their dad. You can just tell by the grin on Jesse’s son’s face that he’s having a blast.

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Kayak Fishing Isn’t Just for your Parents Anymore

Sam and his two sons, age eight and ten years old, have had many great times going out and bonding on kayak fishing trips. They’ve spent a couple weekends camping and fishing in the months of September and October. In Sept, they went to Lake Del Valle, just south of Livermore, CA. In Oct, they took the kayak to Lake San Antonio, located northwest of Paso Robles. These two pics show Sam’s two sons taking the kayak out fishing at sunrise into one of the coves at Lake San Antonio:

2 boys fishing in tandem in kayak, at Lake Del Valle, N. California

2 kids in kayak, fishing at sunrise, lake San Antonio, N. California

Sam says “the boat is just roomy enough for me to fit myself and the two kids in the boat so we can all go fishing at once,” a great way for both this satisfied dad and his enthusiastic kids to fish at the same time.

Sam and his sons also went to Manresa State Beach just outside Watsonville, CA to go fishing, but the surf was quite large that day and Sam was worried I’d lose my tackle. So instead of fishing, they switched gears and decided to go for a joyride- not something you can do in an ordinary kayak! Sam and his 8 year old donned their life jackets and paddled out to sea, tackling waves up to four feet in height with no problem! Says Sam, “the waves were going over the top of our heads, but keeping the W500 pointed straight into them, I was able to safely paddle out through the waves.”

Just more proof that kayak fishing and kayak surfing aren’t just for adults anymore… kids can join in on the fun too without any danger and can have just as much fun as their parents.

Kids Love the W Kayak

This is an old photo I found today, showing my little bro and I back in the winter of 2003-2004, paddling (sort of) the first W Fishing Kayak (we used to call it the ‘W boat’) together in a small pond near the house we lived in, in West Newton, Massachusetts.


I was eight years old back then, and my brother, who was just five years old, is standing in the front clearly having a blast.

This was the first time our parents let us paddle together without one of them in the boat with us, and we had a ton of fun playing around on our own.

In the years that followed, our dad gave us opportunities to try and paddle traditional kayaks, but we refused because we thought they were  -for lack of a better word- crappy.
Once we tried a family friend’s sit-in kayak, but after just a few minutes we got tired of the discomfort and overall annoyance of the boats and gave up, denouncing traditional kayaks as (quote) ‘sucky’.

Eight years later we still stick by our childish description and it seems our dad agrees too.

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