Stand Up Kayaking- A New Dimension of Fun for Kids and Teens

When the average teen thinks of kayaking and kayak fishing we all picture the same thing- either crazy people risking life and limb paddling through rapids and waterfalls or more predominantly a bunch of boring middle aged people sitting around in their kayaks cruising slowly down rivers and streams…

Brothers Kayak Standing Up in Tandem
Brothers [age 15 and 12] kayaking not only in tandem- but also both standing up!
However, a new kayak on the market seeks to change all that. The W Fishing Kayak, a super stable craft, brings a whole new dimension to kayaking that’s finally bringing a spark of fun to kayaking and kayak fishing. The reason this kayak is so much more fun than your parents’ traditional Sit-on-Top [SOT] kayaks and Sit-in kayaks [SIK] is because it allows the user to paddle standing up- an unheard of feature in these old school crafts.

“But what about Stand Up Paddle [SUP] boards?” you ask. Don’t they allow you to paddle standing up too? Although these trendy new-age surfboards do technically let you paddle standing up, they are a minefield of problems and hassle.

Stand up paddling on SUP boards can be fun… until you wipe out headfirst from even the smallest of waves and the slightest wind. After just a few minutes trying to use these contraptions, which are the epitome of instability, anyone except the most experienced surfer will find themselves bruised, exasperated, and soaked.

The W Kayak solves the problem of stable stand up kayaking handily- the dual hull design makes it possible for even the clumsiest person to do anything they want standing up: paddling, surfing, fishing; it’s all a no-brainer. This opens up endless possibilities for hours of fun on the water, and the ability to stand up and do tricks at whim is sure to excite any kid or teen who’s tired of the confinement of traditional kayaks.

This kid, just 12 years old, shows off his skills while at the same time demonstrating the incredible stability of the W Kayak. Stand up kayaking is no longer a fantasy… it’s a reality and a reservoir of potential fun just waiting to be explored by young kayakers.

W Kayaking a Breeze Even For Kids

There’s no doubt us kids and teens love the W Fishing Kayak– whether we go in it with a parent, a grandparent, a friend, a sibling, or just solo – it’s always a lot of fun!
Kids can easily go in a W Kayak not only in tandem but sometimes in a crew of three, even if one of those three is an adult- but sometimes its better to chill and paddle without adults watching over your back and fretting 🙂

Boy and Girl Stand Up Kayaking

Stand up kayaking is especially fun, and as easy as pie too, not just because the W Kayak is  the world’s most stable kayak, but also due to the fact that it’s quite narrow (28.5″), which makes it easier for kids, who have shorter arms than adults, to paddle with ease.


Tracking has always been a problem for kids trying to paddle traditional kayaks, but in the W Kayak it’s a breeze, the boat goes straight as an arrow even for inexperienced younger users.

Kid showing a fish he caught while fishing together with his grandfather in his kayakThe combined super stability, easy tracking, and maneuverability of the W Kayak makes it perfect for kids and teens who might want to do tricks or be more adventurous than their older counterparts- fun and safety go hand in hand with this ergonomically superior craft. Fishing, surfing, jumping, tricking, and just paddling around are all easy and entertaining in the W Kayak for even the younger members of the kayaking community.

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Tricking and Chilling on the Charles River

Found some more pictures of my brother and I [age 9 and 12] paddling the W Fishing Kayak on the Charles River, which was just minutes away from our old home in Newton, MA. This was one of our last trips in the W300 model before it was replaced with the new W500 series, and we made the most of it. My brother went crazy with jumps and tricks, admittedly trying [and ultimately failing] to capsize the boat we had been told by our dad was ‘un-flippable’ for years. We both practiced our stand up kayaking too as per usual.

kid jumping in fishing kayak  kid jumping in fishing kayak

After tiring ourselves out we decided to chill and just paddle around idly, relaxing and dipping our feet in the relaxing [albeit dirty] water.

kid paddling standing in fishing kayak  kids paddling fishing kayak

My brother and I have been paddling the W Kayak [or ‘W Boat’ as we called it for the first couple years] for just around nine years now, from young kids to teenagers, and it’s never failed to bring us fun and a healthy dose of adrenaline. The W Kayak is the best kayak out there, for any and every kind of kayaker: angler, tourers, surfers, you name it- and kids are no exception.

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