Three Kids Squeeze in Wavewalk 500 Kayak with Grandpa for Tandem Fun

Neville Badcock, a native of Tasmania, an island near Australia, took his three grandkids out to paddle in the Southern Ocean, breaking the Wavewalk 500 fishing kayak record of most people on board!

Neville with his three grandkids paddling the W Kayak

Even with four people in the boat, there’s still plenty of leg room up front, and unlike a traditional kayak, the W Kayak shows no signs of instability even with this excessive load. The two brothers and their grandpa did most of the heavy lifting, all three of them paddling in tandem while their sister sat for a free ride.

Neville and his three grandkids paddling the W Kayak in tandem

With this historic South Ocean excursion, the W Kayak can now truly be called a double tandem craft! My brother [13] and I [16] can definitely vouch that the W is perfect for tandem kayaking, because we’ve been doing so for nearly a decade.

Teens Kayaking in Tandem

Fellow teens fear not- from now on you need not cringe when your parents tell you it’s time to go kayaking! The W Fishing Kayak makes this once tedious ordeal into loads of fun.

Here’s a video of Lorenzo and his two cousins having fun paddling their W Fishing Kayak in a nice canal near their home in Gouda, in the Netherlands.

Lorenzo and and his cousin, both in their teens, take their toddler passenger for a chill ride, and the W Kayak shows no strain supporting their combined weight.

Once they unload their young accompanier, the two have some real fun, paddling full steam ahead in tandem and then taking turns solo.

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San Diego Siblings Kayak With Their Family

On a windy day in San Diego, CA, Jane, her daughter Netanya, and her three grandchildren, Tommy, Alaris, and Ilana, took their newly christened W Fishing Kayak into the water to paddle and have a good time. All three grandchildren are under 10 years old, with Tommy being the youngest at just 7 years old. Despite their young age, the dauntless trio had no problem paddling both on their own and sharing the boat with their elders.

Says Jane: “It was very windy that day, though the bay was flat water.  My nine year old granddaughter Alaris took to it immediately and paddled away (and back again) with no troubles.  My seven year old grandson Tommy tried his hand, and you can see we kept him on a loose tether because of the wind.”

Goofing in the W kayak
Netanya, Ilana, and Alaris fit snugly into the W Kayak with no issue.
9 year old Alaris paddling solo
9 year old Alaris paddling by herself down the river.







Tommy paddling solo, with a tether
Tommy, with the safety of a tether just in case, paddles around.
Tommy pulling the W kayak by himself
Tommy dragging the W Kayak by himself- literally so easy a child can do it!








All in all, it was a very successful and very fun first trip in the W Kayak for everyone, even the inexperienced younger kayakers. Jane and her family loved the boat so much that she went to the trouble of customizing it with impressive decals and dubbing it the ‘River Cat,’ a cool name without a doubt.

Jane's_River_Cat_W_Kayak_01  Jane's_kayak_art_02

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W Kayaking a Breeze Even For Kids

There’s no doubt us kids and teens love the W Fishing Kayak– whether we go in it with a parent, a grandparent, a friend, a sibling, or just solo – it’s always a lot of fun!
Kids can easily go in a W Kayak not only in tandem but sometimes in a crew of three, even if one of those three is an adult- but sometimes its better to chill and paddle without adults watching over your back and fretting 🙂

Boy and Girl Stand Up Kayaking

Stand up kayaking is especially fun, and as easy as pie too, not just because the W Kayak is  the world’s most stable kayak, but also due to the fact that it’s quite narrow (28.5″), which makes it easier for kids, who have shorter arms than adults, to paddle with ease.


Tracking has always been a problem for kids trying to paddle traditional kayaks, but in the W Kayak it’s a breeze, the boat goes straight as an arrow even for inexperienced younger users.

Kid showing a fish he caught while fishing together with his grandfather in his kayakThe combined super stability, easy tracking, and maneuverability of the W Kayak makes it perfect for kids and teens who might want to do tricks or be more adventurous than their older counterparts- fun and safety go hand in hand with this ergonomically superior craft. Fishing, surfing, jumping, tricking, and just paddling around are all easy and entertaining in the W Kayak for even the younger members of the kayaking community.

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