The Wavewalk 720 Kayak-Skiff

W720 Kayak Skiff Animation 2023

The new W720 is an ultralight, super-stable, comfortable and affordable, patented catamaran kayak-skiff.

Kayak-skiff means that it’s used mostly for paddling (kayaking and/or canoeing), and it is outfitted with a small motor up to 3 HP as means to increase safety and range of travel, but not as the main means of propulsion.
Compared with other high-end fishing kayaks, the W720 is more stable, more comfortable, more portable, more seaworthy, and more versatile.
Compared with microskiffs, the W720 is more of a kayak, that is more lightweight, nimble, portable, and useful as a paddle craft, IE kayak and/or canoe.

Price: The W720 goes for $1,800 plus shipping to the client’s address. The cost of shipping depends on the distance from the factory in Latta, South Carolina.  Factory pickup available.

Sales Tax: Clients pay sales tax locally when they register their motorized W720 with their state authorities.

Colors: The 2024 W720 Kayak-Skiff is offered in White and in Gator Green

W720 kayak skiff with fuel tank mounted in the front, and fuel line tucked under the coaming

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Watch how easy it is to carry the W720 with a heavy 6 HP outboard motor attached to it: Video: Carrying The W720 Kayak Skiff »

Note: The W700 seen in these videos is identical to a W720, except for the motor mount. Currently, the W720 isn’t offered with a spray shield such as seen in this video. Wavewalk’s website features instructions for making such a spray shield, in case you’d want one for your W720.