Dog-with-angler-on-board-W700-fishing-kayakHi, I’m Roxanne Davis, a bass angler from Suffield, in northern Connecticut.

I don’t resell Wavewalk’s products, but I’d be happy to show you my Wavewalk 700, and talk with you about kayak fishing, motorizing, rigging etc.

I discovered Wavewalk kayaks after realizing that due to back problems and other disabilities, I couldn’t paddle other kayaks or fish from them.
For the past twelve years, I’ve fished from a Wavewalk 300 and a Wavewalk 500, and I recently started fishing from a Wavewalk 700, which is currently my favorite ride, thanks to its extreme stability, comfort, and ease of motorizing.
I often stand while I fish, and the W700 is as stable as a dock.
I like to fish lakes and ponds that few other anglers go to, and the ability to carry the Wavewalk and launch it almost anywhere is important for me.
I was among the first users to install an electric motor on my W300, and later, I was one of the first to mount an outboard gas motor on my W500. In my experience, the ability to motorize a kayak is important, since it adds to its safety and mobility, and it allows me to go on much longer fishing trips, and in rough water.


Wavewalk 700 motorized fishing kayak, CT

largemouth bass